• Equestrian Airlines celebrates new route to Bangkok with free ticket giveaway

    I don't know how Equestria managed it but now thanks to power of magic and science they are offering free flights to Earth! The portal is a little unstable though so they've only been able to open a direct route to Thailand but we can expect more routes any day now. Cereal is on the job using Equestrian Innovations tech to help.

    They've even got a cool website setup! Who knew ponies knew how to use computers? Get it all after the break!

    Reserve your free ticket now at [Redacted]
    Equestrian Airlines, Equestria’s best airline for 7 consecutive years is launching their newest route this August 19th, flying three times weekly to the gastronomic capital of South East Asia - Bangkok, Thailand.

    To commemorate the occasion, Equestrian Airlines is giving away 100 free tickets for the maiden flight to their newest destination. Pre-booking begins April 1 and will be on a first come, first served basis.

    Flight EQ 117 will depart at 1130L from Terminal One, Canterlot Steppes International Airport. A pre-flight launch party will be held for the passengers and crew at Gate A3. Light refreshments will be served.

    The 17 and a half hour flight is the first interdimensional flight in history and will be operated by a specially modified Boeing 777-200LR. Captain West Heading and First Officer Tango Foxtrot, both EQA veterans with over 27,000 flying hours under their belt will be at the controls for this historic voyage.

    Equestrian Airlines CEO Sierra Nightingale believes that “the future of travel lies in the skies above us” and says that what was once exclusively Pegasus territory will soon become a domain for all equinity.

    Equestrian Airlines is the airline with the most comprehensive coverage of Equestria and beyond, covering over 16 local and international destinations. Based at the Canterlot Steppes International Airport, the airline is also the most prominent member of the Cirrus Group alliance.
    --FINE PRINT--
    Interdimensional portal summoning not tested completely. Return journey may not be possible. Ticket not exchangeable for cash. Side effects of interdimensional travel include nausea, sudden affection for cuteness, insomnia, infertility, paralysis and dilated pupils. Don't say we didn't warn you.