• Journey To The Neighterlands: Frites Sauce

    Mayonaise has been a touchy subject in Equestria ever since the Royal Sisters Mayonaise Jar Incident of 987 A.N.. Therefore we will utilise utmost care in this report to respect those affected.

    We would ask our local expert Cheese Sandwhich for his insight on mayo, but for our mayo entry of today we have to travel to the Neighterlands.
    While the Neighterlands are well known among the ponies in Equestria as the place that built giant walls near the water to fend off all the sea ponies, they are also known for their heavy use of mayonaise on their fries.
    And it's not hard to see why the lands of neigh would have mayo as their preferred condiment. Since it's a relatively thick sauce it will stay on your food even when walking in the wind generated by all those windmills.

    That's not all, though. Aside from mayonaise the Neighterlanders have developed a sauce based on mayonaise called Frites Sauce, which is considered a true culinary masterpiece all over the world.
    But what makes Frites Sauce so much better than Equestrian of Amareican mayonaise? "Have you ever tasted Amareican mayonaise?" one local Neighterlander said. Point taken.

    So if you are ever near the cities of Trotterdam or Hoof-drop and are up for some Neighter cultural appropiation, make sure to give it a try.

    Join us next week as we ask the question "Which is the better Ranch Dressing, the sauce or the furniture store?"