• Sauce Filled Fanfics to Spice Your Brain Up With

    I hope you aren't tired of sauce yet. I, personally could eat marinara flavored things every day for a year without ever burning out on it. I'm special like that.

    Below the break, we have eight of the sauciest fanfics on the internet. Get yourself a bowl of spaghetti or order a pizza, put your feet up, and dive into worlds filled with flavor!

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Majin Syeekoh
    Description: While digging around in White Lightning’s fridge after a day of cloud-clearing, Raindrops finds a bottle marked only ‘sauce’.

    The two of them attempt to divine the contents.

    This story is one hundred thousand percent Themaskedferret‘s fault.
    The Sauce Must Flow

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Estee
    Description: The garlic knots: half a bit each.

    The optional dipping sauce: an additional half-bit.

    The local value of 'optional': possibly not what you might expect it to be.
    It Was This Or Put It On Yelp


    Author: adcoon
    Description: The mere thought of Pinkie Pie having a day where nothing happens threw wide the Pancelestial Passages to Pinksanity and produced this tall tale of culinary adventures and true love instead! -- In other words, Pinkie Pie invites Fluttershy over for pasta and wheatballs. Grab a fork and join in, the sauce is about to get real!
    Pinkie Prefers her Pasta Plain

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: JawJoe
    Description: For Twilight, being the Princess of Friendship gets overwhelming sometimes – there are simply too many royal duties she must attend! She just can't seem to shake a feeling of exhaustion. Things used to be so much simpler.

    A day off shouldn't hurt...
    I Feel Fantastic!

    [Comedy][Random][Slice of Life]

    Author: Discorded SheepcityUSA
    Description: Celestia's morning consists of a few things. Waking up, coffee, personal grooming, and raising the sun. Not usually does this routine consist of Celestia finding one of the cutest fillies she's ever seen drinking the hot sauce in her fridge. This alone brings her several questions...

    One of the big ones being why this filly's mane seems to catch on fire out of nowhere.

    How can something so adorable also have such disturbing undertones? Celestia is going to find out when she sees just where Honeysuckle comes from.


    Author: Barbecue Sauce
    Description: Pinkie Pie chugs down a whole bottle of BBQ Sauce for her first time ever. What will come of such a thing? How will Pinkie react?

    Inspired partially by 'Pinkie Watches Paint Dry' by AbsoluteAnonymous, something a friend of mine once did, and my boredom.

    Pinkie Drinks A Bottle Of Barbecue Sauce

    [Comedy][Random][Slice of Life]

    Author: TheExhaustedBrony
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle is bored is when she's the most dangerous. These are the times when she comes up with crazy ideas and this is no exception. She has taken it upon herself to discover what makes a refined pony from Canterlot tick. In order to get this information, she decided that the best way of doing it is with hot sauce.
    Breaking Character

    [Alternate Universe][Comedy][Human]

    Author: Da Bunnana King
    Description: Pinkie decides one day to make a cherrychonga, but being out of tortilla and most of the ingredients she settles on making a cherry sandwich with a special sauce that the Doctor has down at the Bureau.

    I had nothing to do with this even thought I wrote it... enjoy. Oh and Wasteland Gunner did the cover art again.

    It also might help if you read The Conversion Bureau: The Land Downunder.
    The Conversion Bureau: Cherry Sandwiches