• Brony Spotlight # 1 -xPwnyP@ncakex

    Howdy Folks! TheSlorg here, and I'm here with a very special edition of our Spotlight series. Behold, our newest editorial: The Brony Spotlight!

    That's right, through the very scientific way of asking a few friends, we've decided that our readers are tired of hearing about ponies all the time. "Is that all you ever do?" was one of several quotes that was to be heard. We listened to the feedback and pondered what to do.

    But now we have the ultimate solution: Brony Spotlights! With so many fans of so many different backgrounds, we feel we will literally never run out of material. So sit back, relax, and prepare to learn all about this month's brony: xPwnyP@ncakex!

    Name: Scotty McGraubenhoff
    Aliases: xPwnyP@ncakex, PwnyBaloney, Bob
    Favorite Pony: Scootaloo
    First Episode: Flight to the Finish
    Favorite Episode: Crusaders of the Lost Mark
    OTP: Thunderbug (Thunderlane x Junebug)
    Random Fact: Scotty has watched Crusaders of the Lost Mark one hundred sixty seven times. He cried every time.

    Scotty first stumbled across the show when he was looking for free online anime streaming and happened across an underground image sharing site that, at first, he thought was precisely what he was looking for. It turns out, it was precisely what he was looking for, but he hadn't known it before then.

    It was about three minutes later when he watched his very first episode of the show, Flight to the Finish. He spent the next week hunting down and watching every episode he could find, regardless of whether they were in correct order or not. Many late night pizza binges later, and Scotty is now certain he knows everything there is to know about ponies.

    Random Info

    Scotty spends most of his time online looking for colleges that offer courses on ponies, or going to conventions. He has apparently spent over $34,976 on conventions and the pony merchandise to be found within. His favorite convention moment was outbidding Sethisto himself on a Trixie plush by dropping a whopping $1200 on it whilst brandishing a pair of shades and putting them on. Sethisto could not be reached for comment.

    Concerning shipping, Scotty feels that it is far better than pony violence. His favorite pairing is Thunderlane and Junebug, if only because the name Thunderbug sounds really, really cool, though he has no objections to any pairings as long as the ponies themselves don't mind. He is one hundred percent certain that none of them do.

    Scotty's life goal is to obtain a hug from Scootaloo. While he will begrudgingly admit that it's probably not possible due to Scoots being a fictional cartoon, he is open to substituting in either Maddy Peters, or a really, really convincing cosplay. 

    Bonus Art
    Here is some of Scotty's Favorite Art!