• MLP Season 7 Episode 4 - Rock Solid Friendship - Discussion

    (Update: Possible episode tomorrow too! Canada's Rock Solid Friendship aired 15 minutes early. Expect a post tonight)

    Hope you all enjoyed Fluttershy day! If you missed it, get all the SWARM of flutterposts over here.

    I know a lot of people that are excited for this one. Hopefully it can take the hype!

    Speaking of hype, there wasn't much at all from the official channels. We are going into this one pretty blind outside of one specific trailer. I like not knowing what will happen in an episode, but I wouldn't mind some screencaps or something to get us going!

    On another note, we might be getting another episode tomorrow, and this one might be airing 15 minutes early. Canada apparently has a jump on this season. Check back in the morning for it.

    We also got a completely random reveal of episode 15 from Yahoo, which you can find over here.

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