• Fluttershy Day Draws to a Quiet End

    Fluttershy is all wrapped up and ready to rest after such a busy day! She isn't used to all this attention you know?

    Thanks to you all we were able to have another successful appreciation day! We hope you all had fun and we look forward to seeing you again with our next appreciation day where we celebrate Celestia during the Summer Solstice on June 21th!

    Have a great night everyone and enjoy the episode tomorrow. Please check on after the break for everything we weren't able to fit in for today or just didn't have enough material for a post.


    [1] Source

    Fluttershy's weakness is part of her greatest strength by DRWolf001

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    Character Study : Fluttershy The Idol [MLP FIM] by MaiSky

    [1] Source

    Roar (Sung by Fluttershy) by Magpiepony

    [2] Source

    Aviators - The Fear of Flight (MLP Song) by Aviators

    [3] Source

    &I ft. Chichi ~ Into the Green by &I

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    PMV - Magic Is Free (MC Fluttershy) by QuetzalDash

    [5] Source

    MC-Arch - Acceptance. (You are Not Alone) by MC- Arch

    [6] Source

    Soldier PMV || Fluttershy feat. Rainbow Dash by Smart Cookie

    [7] Source

    Oh what a good thing we had (gone bad) PMV by Sibling KRanimations

    [8] Source

    Shystep by Tre

    [9] Source

    (PMV) Fluttershy's Lament by Flutt3rTree

    [10] Source

    PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder by Matt R

    [11] Source

    Kindness - Original Music by AcoustiMandoBrony

    3D Art/General Art

    Source - Netburst

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    Flutterrumble - The Sweetest Colt by VIRAnimation

    [2] Source

    flutters day out by my-little-pop-artist

    [3] Source

    Fluttershy Day by wildhawk441

    [4] Source

    ShyFlutter by Lukas-Gimono

    [5] Source

    Flutters by GlitterStar2000

    [6] Source

    Fluttershy by MLPpencilArt

    [7] Source

    Filly Fluttershy drinking a milkshake by MLPpencilArt


     Ode to an Equine Angel
     By Booksmart 

                    Who is the bearer of The Element of Kindness?
                    Who tames our rage and guide us  through our blindness?
                 Whose soul is the most demure and divinest?
             Why, it's  Fluttershy.

        Who is that yellow and pink Pegasus?
           A mare with a heart of gold and angelic bliss?
         A pony who can tame a draconequus?
               It's our dear friend, Fluttershy. ^_^<3
               Sensitive, sweet-natured,modest and meek.
     An empath of openness, wisdom and mystique.
                                                   She's a force to be reckon with! Don't call her weak.
                                                                    You're a hero, Fluttershy!
                                                        She's Mother Nature's child who answer the call.
                                                                 To All creatures, great and small.
                                                    And with support of her friends, she feels 10 feet tall!
                                                                 You're amazing, Fluttershy!
                                                                  If you feel life's little stings,
                                                      She'll heal you and take you under her wings.
                                                        For love and kindness she'll always brings.
                                                                 You're an angel, Fluttershy.
                                                         Fluttershy, Fluttershy, fly away home.
                                            Your loved ones are in your heart. You're never alone.
                             And like a butterfly, you're spreading love and kindness in Equestria wherever you roam.
                                                          Thank you, my friend Fluttershy ^_^<3

    Twitter: Calpain