• New MLP Season 7 Episode Titles Revealed Through Treehouse: Ep 9 - Ep 13

    I always seem to use a lot of Twilight for posts like this, but she is just so excitable! And so should you guys too because apparently with Treehouse running episodes earlier than here in the States. They have posted a list of episodes for May showing not only a full schedule of double episodes each weekend but names for some new ones as well!

    While I am not a fan of them showing double new episodes each week at least we get a little peek at what might be around the corner.

    This was all reported by a Treehouse watcher in Canada who posted this list in our comments and the episode titles have been confirmed with a reliable source of ours. Not only that, but according to the guy's Twitter (whose messages you can't edit) he posted the same list with Honest Apple in it days before the general public heard about that episode.

    Anyhow, enough babbling, get the list after the break and a big thanks to MegaSean45 for letting us know.

    Note: While it says that episodes air at 11:15 EST they tend to air randomly within that 15 minute block, today's episode was actually 5 minutes later than the scheduled time.

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