• Orchestral Music: Aelipse - Luna's Rebirth / A Symphony Of Two - Tribute To Melodic

    After a sizeable period of time since their last release, Aelipse returns with a beautiful orchestral piece full of mysticism and a lot of extra little details beyond the obvious well executed strings and other instruments. The dark heavy bell-like sounds especially help to make it feel like the night is drawing in. Both this and the other track from A Symphony of Two are dedicated to the late MelodicPony - there seem to be a fair few of these tributes recently, and I think they're just lovely gestures. A Symphony Of Two's piece is less dark feeling, and yet a bit more sombre in tone, acting as more of a direct tribute, as the title would imply. It's no less compelling, though, and has a much more obvious focus on piano. Make sure to check them both out below!

    1. Aelipse - Luna's Rebirth

    2. A Symphony Of Two - Tribute To Melodic