• Random Merch: Cookies, Diamond Select, Ornaments, and More!

    A new set of cookies are starting to appear for anyone that collects cookies. Is that a thing? I don't think I could see cookies every day and not eat them.

    These guys were found at DD's Discounts and Ross by James and Travis

    And get a bunch of other random merch below!

    Diamond Select Banks Showing Up in Stores

    For anyone tracking these down, they are starting to appear at geek/hobby stores!

    Found At: Dragon's Lair in Austin Texas
    Found By: Jason

    New Pony Bubble Bath

    Found At: Singapore
    Found By: UTF

    Holiday Coloring Book

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Prime Color

    My Moji Appearing in Stores

    Found At: Five Below
    Found By: Feather Data

    Color Changing LED Ornaments

    Found At: Fred Meye
    Found By: Framwinkle

    Pony Wrapping Paper 2016

    Found At: Target
    Found By: James

    LED Watch Bracelets

    Found At: Target
    Found By: James