• IDW Creator Signing Party Durning Pacific PonyCon

    Hey guys! For those of you attending Pacific PonyCon during the weekend of January 6th – January 8th, you guys might want to check this out!

    IDW Publishing is hosting an IDW Creator Signing Party at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery! Featuring a couple of MLP Comic Artists, the Eisner Award Winning Artist from Locke and Key, and someone by the name of Kevin Eastman whose biggest contributation to the world was creating a parody comic of Daredevil starring four anthropomorphic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    To put it another way, IDW is throwing an early SDCC and everyone's invited!!!

    If you're going to PPC, or happen to live in or near San Diego, you might want to consider checking this out! Especially since it is literally a ten (10) minute drive along the coast of San Diego.

    Please check out the route to get from one event to the other after the break if you're interested in meeting some of the best comic creating talent in the business!

    Special thanks to Sara Richard for sending it in!

    The only way these two events could be closer is if they were being held in the same building! If you're looking for something to do the first evening of PPC with your friends, this is definitely something worth checking out!