• Electronic Music: 174UDSI - Once Upon A Time / Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (Brilliant Venture & Retheemal Desini Remix) / Sky Runner - Antagonist

    Here's a music post for you all, with 3 awesome and varied electronic tracks to lend your ears to!

    First up is a piece from 174UDSI's new Past Future EP, called Once Upon A Time. This is a hardstyle track, which is one of UDSI's specialities, and something he manages to always make a lot more accessible than you'd think! This one focuses a lot on the melodic aspect of the track, though the signature hardstyle kick still punches through when needed. The second track is an awesome dubstep remix of Assertive Fluttershy's well known piece Boo Hoo, by Brilliant Venture and Retheemal Desini. Starting off quite similar-sounding to the original, it quickly differentiates itself with some eclectic dubstep drops. The third track is from a new person called Sky Runner, and reminds me a whole heap of Hay Tea's style, with a chilled out introduction quickly making way to some great drum and bass drums that help drive the track forward. So if you're into hardstyle, dubstep, drum & bass or all of the above, make sure to check these out!

    1. 174UDSI - Once Upon A Time [Hardstyle]

    2. Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (Brilliant Venture & Retheemal Desini Remix) [Drumstep]

    3. Sky Runner - Antagonist [Drum & Bass]