• Pacific PonyCon hosts ConFab Meetup

    Pacific Ponycon is ramping up it's press releasing for the coming season, and with that starts an early event! Head on down below the break for the infos on it!

    Pacific PonyCon hosts ConFab Meetup

    San Diego, California - 3 November 2016 - The organizers of Pacific PonyCon will host a Convention Fabricators Meetup at the San Diego Wyndham Bayside in “America’s Finest City”. Interested conventions, can inform Pacific PonyCon of their interested by filling out the google form linked here: https://goo.gl/forms/y6EQtF6kI6JJfmHI2 . Conventions can request badges for up to two representatives to attend. We look forward to receiving plenty of request and sharing your company in January 2017.

    Pacific PonyCon is an event hosted by Order of the Friendship. A second-year convention with multiple show voice actresses, comic book artist, and community guest planned to attend. In addition, the convention will have multiple gaming tournaments, and a multitude of vendors. Follow our social media feeds to stay up to date on all our announcements.