• Awesome Nightmare Night Music: Vylet - Scaremaster [Metalstep] / PON3 - Route 666 [Chillstep] / Totalspark - Phantasm [Bass House]

    It's Nightmare Night and what better way to celebrate than with some awesome spooky music! There's 3 tracks here that I think are all absolutely worth a listen, so make sure to check them out! First is a dubstep and metal hybrid track from Vylet featuring some really cool sound design, as well as some heavy guitars from Redd and production assistance from a couple of others. Next up is a more atmospheric track from PON3 with some really cool use of vocal sampling. And finally we have a sinister bass house track from Totalspark that has some really nice chords in the build up before a pretty awesome drop. 

    1. Vylet - Scaremaster (feat. Redd, Silva Hound, Kyunn & Araxnus) [Metalstep]

    2. PON3 - Route 666 [Chillstep]

    3. Totalspark - Phantasm [Bass House]