• More Awesome Nightmare Night Music: Filly in the Box - Questionable Sanity [Neuro Hop] / Flittzy - Button's Nightmare [Glitch Hop] / Einarx - Deadbeat Control [Breakbeat]

    Time for some more spooky music! Below the break are 3 more super awesome nightmare night tunes, all well worth checking out! The first one is a neuro hop track from Filly in the Box with some pretty awesome sound design and some great atmosphere created by the plucks utilised. The second is a glitch hop track about Button Mash from Flittzy that's a lot more up-beat, with a much more chiptune-y take on the spooky atmosphere. And finally we have a heavy dubstep-style breakbeat track from Einarx that hits hard and features some pretty good use of Chrysalis vocal samples. 

    1. Filly in the Box - Questionable Sanity [Neuro Hop]

    2. Flittzy - Button's Nightmare [Glitch Hop]

    3. Einarx - Deadbeat Control [Breakbeat]