• Halloween Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Ditzy Ghoul / Rainbow Factory Dash

    It's Halloween time guys and to help spread a little of the holiday spirit I'm here with some of our more ghoulish tumblrs I had stashed away for awhile now. We've got a little bit of Fallout Equestria for you all and a couple tumblrs focused on telling their own version of the ancient pony fic Rainbow Factory.

    Get them all after the break!

    Rainbow Factory is involved so there might be some mature content. Just thought I'd warn you guys!

    Ask Ditzy Ghoul

    While I don't know my Fallout Equestria lore that well apparently Derpy became a Ghoul after the events that take place in the story, losing her ability to speak as well. Thanks to her friend Littlepip she discovered she still has a voice thanks to using terminals and replies to those willing to send her questions or even just ask how her day is going. It's a simple setup, but it has a large number of replies (4 years worth) to dig into and the artist manages quite well at making a Ghoul version of Derpy cute.

    Ask Ditzy Ghoul - Current Page - First Page

    Our next two tumblrs I'm not sure are done by the same person but they do complement each other! Ask Rainbow Factory Dash is exactly as it sounds, asking questions to the Rainbow Factory version of Rainbow Dash. Expanding on the world established in the fanfic Rainbow Factory the tumblr not only answers questions but has a story arc as well. For fans of the classic fanfic, check it out!

    Rainbow Factory Dash - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Factory Scootaloo

    As I mentioned before I'm not exactly sure if this tumblr is ran by the same person as above or if it is a collaborative project but it does seem to star the Scootaloo from Ask Rainbow Factory Dash as the person who sent in these tumblrs indicates. While Rainbow Factory Dash looks at things from Dashie's point of view Factory Scootaloo looks at the same world from Scoot's perspective. It's rare to see two tumblrs like this working together on one storyline from different perspectives so I'd recommend checking this one and Rainbow Factory Dash out together.

    Ask Factory Scootaloo - Current Page - First Page

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