• Discord Origins Drawing and Fanfic Event - Submissions and Winners

    The Discord Origins event has finally been completed with winners randomly chosen as promised! Sorry it took so long to get this up, we were still waiting on some of them to get back to us. Entertainment Earth will be firing off their MyMoji figures soon.

    Thanks to everyone that submit for it! We didn't get a huge amount this time, but a good enough number from all ages. He is a pretty difficult character to draw after all. 

    And with that, you can explore the contest entries and random winners below!

    And thanks again to Entertainment Earth for sponsoring it! You can grab the Mymoji figures they put up in the event over here if you weren't able to win!

    Discord Origins Event: Fanfiction Submissions

    [Comedy][Shipping] Discord's Family Reunion
    [Sad][Dark] Voices in the Darkness
    [Random] Discord's Revolution  
    [Random] 99 Bottles of Chaos on the Wall (One of the random winners!)
    [Random] Origins of Chaos
    [Comedy][Random] The Birth, or rather, "Birth" of Chaos (One of the random winners!)
    [Normal] Origins of Discord
    [Normal]  The Origins of Discord, Or The Terrible Rise of the Draconequus
    [Normal] Tell Me a Story

    Discord Origins Event: Art Submissions

    1 Discord's Mission - Wolf lover
    (One of the random winners!)

    Thank you for this opportunity. It means a lot to me. So, I personally think Discord's origin story starts with him living in a chaotic dimension with gumdrop bushes, cotton candy and lollipop trees, and more. When he became an adult, he was sent on a mission to travel to Equestria as a spy. But he couldn't return home, so he went in a rage across Equestria and got turned into stone. Again, thank you for this opportunity. It will hopefully make my art a little bit known. Sorry that I don't have a DeviantArt, I'm not allowed to have one, but hopefully Pinterest will be fine. Thank you again.
    2 The Birth of Chaos - Kindheart

    There's a headcanon drabble in the description of the drawing so be sure to read that, if you're interested!
    3 Universe, Mother of Discord - AerisHikari

    I draw this last year. I imagined discord having the universe as his mother and an antity named Harmony as a brother. For me, Discord loved his brother but when they were left on Equestria by their mom, they began to fight over the way the planet should be. And when Harmony was mortaly wounded, he transformed himself into the tree of Harmony, for the Chaos would not be the norm and protect the Ponies from his brother madness.
    4 Stone Discordia - TwillyBrownie

    Discord was born on the darkest part of the chaos dimension by the Stone Discordia, which has special chaos-powers. This rock is his mom because Discord was part of the rock, and it taught everything Discord knows and he loves his dear mom so much. One day, it "died" and leave Discord alone, without friends, and he became evil, and Equestria was in trouble.
    5 My New Best Friend - Numbuh 27

    (One of the random winners!) 

    My entry for the Equestria Daily Discord Origins contest. Discord was actually created by a small filly, from even before Celestia and Luna were born. The filly, named , Mismatch came to be when her mother, an ex-explorer got into a rough time with a dragon. She was bullied a lot for her strange looks and was really lonely. She really enjoyed drawing (it was her escape from the world) and, with her fire breath, had the power to make her drawings come to life (essentially, like how Spike's fire sends letters, if she breathes fire on her drawings, they come to life after she burps them out). One day, while feeling particularly lonely, she decided to make herself a friend to hang out with. Someone fun, odd, powerful, and looked just as strange as her, so she wouldn't feel so different. The result was a strange looking draconequus, that would later become known as Discord.
    6 Discord's Origin - Metallic Roselle

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