• Music of the Day #689

    Minuette is ready to POUNCE, with music of the day! We have another 15 tonight to clear out some of the backlog as we migrate to a new system for music as a whole. Hopefully you all want to listen to some music!

    Go get it all below.

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    Ponytronic - Blind Amiration (Metapony Remix) [ Visuals by Ponytronic ] by meta pony

    Instrumental - Prorgressive House

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    Застряла на луне [rus сover iBringDaLulz - Stuck Here on the Moon] by MrFremen

    Vocal - Russian Parody

    [3] Source

    Wooden Toaster - Rainbow Factory (Daydream Anatomy 2016 RMX) by Daydream Anatomy

    Remix - Techno

    [4] Source

    Lorris - Over The Sky by Lorris

    Instrumental - Vocal Chopping

    [5] Source

    A Symphony Of Two - Morning Dew by A Symphony Of Two

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [6] Source

    【Music】Destined a Fatal Flaw | Super Pony World by Vylet Pony

    [7] Source

    Queen Chrysalis theme song by ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ

    [8] Source

    You'll Play Your Part | Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix [Free Release] by Cosine Pitchshifterz Official

    Remix - Hardstyle

    [9] Source

    A Changeling Can Change (うすうすベア Remix) by InklingBear

    Remix - Happy Hardcore

    [10] Source

    Sights Unseen - Sandwich (ft. Cadie 〈3 & VyletPony) by Sights Unseen


    [11] Source

    End of the Line by DoTheDaringDew

    [12] Source

    JD Music : Daniel Ingram : Music to My Ears [Orchestral ReMix] by JD Harding

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [14] Source

    Starlight's Anthem by Luck Rock

    Pop Rock - Light Rock