• EQD General Updates and Improvements - July 2016

    A lot of things on EQD happen behind the scenes, with minor tweaks to how the site flows and different types of things added that go unnoticed. We usually don't fill the front page with them, but that also has the side effect of no one ever using most.

    Starting with this post, when we have a reasonable amount of "patch notes" to post up, we will be running lists. This includes everything from archive updates to new features!

    Anyway, get it all below!

    Page Updates: 

    • The convention page has been fully updated with all conventions that have sent information in over the past few months. 
    • Show staff have been added to the convention page, so you can see who will be attending. 
    • The Brony Meetup Map has been cleaned up of dead meetups and new submissions have all been added.
    • The Game Index has been updated with tons of mods and servers.
    • Daily email subscriptions can be signed up for over on the side bar under the poll. This will let you know what is going on once a night via email. 
    • Equestria Girls can now be blocked via the nav bar gear.
    • MLP Movie spoilers can now be blocked via the nav bar gear
    • The Spotlight Music Archive has had another half a year added.
    • We have an About Us section now because internet says we need one
    • The Staff Page has been updated with new artists, editorial writers, and moderators

    Label changes (EQD has 7 parent tags as seen in the nav bar, we've shifted some around):

    • The "Discussion" label is now moved from News to Community. 
    • The "Convention" label is now moved from News to Community
    • The "Poll" label is now moved from News to Community
    • The "Trailer" label is now only for trailers of episodes or movies going forward, not ponified trailers. Those posts will be relabeled "Ponified Trailer" soon. 
    • The "Editorial" parent section has expanded to include toy reviews now that we have stuff worth reviewing!
    • Upcoming episodes has been split off from Episode post.

    (Note: This should declutter the "news" section a bit to focus on show news, old posts won't be relabeled, this is only going forward.)


    • Now accepting commission advertising in the roundup. Check the bottom merchandise section for those 
    • Replace 4DE with Guardians of Harmony on the side bar while we wait for new 4DE plushies