• Best of Fandom Archive Project Opening - Taking Animation Submissions

    If you are like me, you have probably had times where you have an awesome oldschool pony thing on the brain but can't quite remember the title of it to go look it up. A Youtube search brings up countless things, but not quite what you are looking for. Pony has been going on for almost 6 years now, and the fandom is incredibly creative. Unfortunately, some things get lost after a few years. 

    This goes doubly for a brand new person to the fandom, seeking out the best the brony world has created, but being overwhelmed with silly videos appearing when they search for stuff. Even here on EQD, we don't have any good way of separating the absolutely best of the best to the general higher bar we require here.

    Time to make that a bit easier! We are starting up a new project here on EQD. An archive for oldschool fans or guide for new ones on the best of the best in various creative categories. Unfortunately even we are incapable of rounding it all up without missing some things. Our brains have seen a LOT of pony over the years.

    Continue below!

    At the moment, we are still trying to think of the best possible way to corral these up and decide what actually makes it. Youtube views were considered, but if you go over to Youtube and search, you will find countless absolutely terrible things with millions of views just due to how their suggestions randomly pick out junk. We need this to be a more fandom centered project, picking only the things that were important to us  that would be fun to present to newcomers.

    An example of things that we'd have in say, an animation archive:

    Lullaby for a Princess
    Picture Perfect Pony
    A Tropical Octav3

    Obviously quite a few newer things aren't getting anywhere near the view storms oldschool stuff got, but we will be updating these over time.

    We are starting with video categories, and more specifically animation. So, lets kick it off! We need your ideas for the best of the past 6 years. How can you submit?

    Send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com with BEST OF as the title, and in the body include Youtube/vimeo/Dailymotion links with a title of the fan animation above the link so we can easily file it. Duplicates will happen, and we are perfectly fine with that. We'd rather have duplicates than miss some.

    The archive will be updated if things are missed, but we'd like the initial version to have as much as possible.

    Now go corral us up some stuff! It's time to reliably archive this stuff!