• In Memoriam of Beebarb

    Greetings, denizens of Equestria Daily.

    Today we bring you some rather saddening news regarding a community member and EQD Moderator many of you may know. I urge you to check after the break for all the details.

    On this day I come to you bearing some very disheartening and unfortunate news indeed. Our beloved moderator and good friend, Beebarb, has recently passed away due to health-related complications.

    I wish to extend my most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all his friends and family during this difficult time.

    Along with this I would like to take these next few minutes to talk with you about an amazing person and someone who I have the utmost respect for and the immeasurable impact they have made on my life.

    Beebarb came to our site in the way many do; as a guest, commenter, and lover of a certain television series we all know. He began to offer us helpful tips and advice on how we could improve the site moderation. After some consideration I decided he seemed like a nice and knowledgeable individual and a good addition to our staff and moderation team.

    He could often be found in the comments of our Discussion posts, as well as various other blog entries. Carrying on conversations with our guests and making sure everyone felt welcomed and was having a good time. It was not out of the ordinary to find him discussing his love of technology, computers, and video games. Or drawing and improving his art skills. He had a plethora of hobbies and interests which brought him great happiness.

    Beebarb had a certain charismatic charm about his character. He brought a lot of laughter and joy to those around him. This could easily be seen down in the comment sections. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say there will always be a empty place in both our Discussions and in our hearts with his absence. An empty chair at our table, if you will.

    He was known as being very helpful and kind to others. Whether that meant sitting down with someone to help them through whatever types of problems they were currently facing, helping others with computer issues, or even just giving someone an ear to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. The love he had for his friends and community stretched far beyond what most saw day to day. Without any doubt he was a very caring person with a lot of love to give.

    I considered Beebarb to be a good friend of mine. In fact, I would say I considered him to be like a part of my extended family. He had a way of working himself into your heart like that. As I write this, I am shedding many tears. Not only for the passing of a good friend, but also for the happiness he brought to not only me, but to everyone, and the honor of getting to know him and consider him such a good friend. He left a great impression on me and I'm sure many others share these same sentiments as well.

    Though Bee may no longer be with us in body, he will always be with us in spirit. His memory will continue to live on in our hearts and souls. Our loved ones are never truly gone or forgotten. Losing someone near and dear to us is never easy. But we are here to support each other in this time of grief and sorrow. And if we start to become saddened by what has occurred, all we need to do is look back and remember all the fond memories we share of him. The laughter, the joy, the tears. In doing this, we honor him and keep his memory alive and well.

    I now welcome you all to join me in thought and prayer for our dearly departed friend. Whether you were a close friend of his, or you didn't know him at all. Know simply that he loved and cherished life and everyone in it. So come now if we be friends. and let us all hold hands.

    Here's to you, Bee! My moderation partner, confidant, and most dearest friend. May you rest in peace and God speed.