• Discord and More Coming to the MLP Comics - SDCC News

    The IDW Kids panel at SDCC revealed some interesting new information in regards to the upcoming releases for the comic lineup later this year (and next). While not as extreme as what we got with the show, one big point they brought up was an upcoming look at the origins of Discord (Update: On double confirming with them after the panel, it looks like 2017 will be about Discord, but not the origins. They misspoke at the panel) 

    On top of this, Cheese Sandwich is getting some love with Pinkie Pie in the 34th. About time right? We also got a teaser of the cover of #31 starring Rainbow Dash and Little Strongheart.

    Get images of all of that below the break!

    (Note: 5 pages of this comic will be in the art style on the right!)