• Equestria Girls Mini Wave 2 Flooding Toys R' Us and Target Websites

    The second wave of Equestria girls Mini playsets and singles are now available on the websites of Target and Toy R' Us. For the full list of available items, head on down below the break!

    Toys R' Us list:

    Dance Collection Set $39.99
    Mini Canterlot Hihg Dance Playset $29.99
    School Dance Fluttershy $6.99
    School Dance DJ Pon-3 $6.99
    School Dance Flash Sentry $6.99
    School Dance Rarity $6.99
    School Dance Rainbow Dash $6.99
    Elements of Harmony Rainbow Dash Pony and Doll $12.99
    Elements of Harmony Apple Jack Pony and Doll $12.99

    Target list:

    School Dance Apple Jack $9.99
    Pep Rally Rainbow Dash $9.99

    Thanks to Bryant for the heads up!