• Liev Schreiber Mentions Playing Villain Role in MLP Movie

    Awhile back we learned that Liev Schreiber from movies such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Salt, the Oscar winning The Spotlight, and more recently had a little interview on Jimmy Kimmel about the need for more kid friendly roles for him to show his kids.

    At one point he mentions jumping at the chance to be in the MLP Movie which he said he "just finished working on" because it would be a chance to work on some child friendly material. He then goes on to say, "And of course they want me to play the evil monster who eviscerates all the little ponies" he jokes.

    So if what he is saying is true, this means that we have (what I believe) to be some of the first information on the villain or one of the villains for the movie! Considering he is a new voice to the show we can expect him to play an all new baddie, at least by my speculations.

    So what do you guys think? You can find the whole clip after the break.

    Thanks to Forgotten Band for sending it in!

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