• New Android Game - Pinkamena

     The world of pony gaming has a new member as of about a week ago. A murder mystery simulator filled with random ponies, changelings, and of course, Pinkamena. The game is definitely on the darker side, so if you aren't into grimdark ponies, I'd avoid it.

    Head on down below for the full description and download link!

    "Pinkamena" is a single-player game based on the popular "Mafia" genre of games, such as Town of Salem or Werewolf.

    You are Captain Silvermane, sent to a quiet little pony town by the Princess of the Sun herself to investigate reports of dark magic and murder.

    On arrival you find only a handful of terrified ponies remain. Among the innocent townsponies is a murderous gang of Changelings who have assumed pony form and are now working together to drain the innocents of their love to feed their insatiable Queen. This process is fatal to the ponies, of course.

    Bad as that is, you immediately realise there is an even worse threat in the town, an unstoppable force who will murder Pony and Changeling alike.


    Please note that this game is a parody of the My Little Pony franchise. No canon images are used and all character names and images are randomly generated.

    >> Features <<

    * If you enjoy our other game "Five Nights at Flappy's", winning or losing a whole game of Pinkamena will give you 250 bonus pizza for free next time you play! (You need "Five Nights at Flappy's" version 1.5.4 or later). Get "Five Nights at Flappy's" at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.catfood.fivenightsflappy

    * Turn based grimdark strategy game - use the abilities of the remaining townsponies to uncover and execute the evil changelings and stop Pinkamena.

    * Enemy AI - the Changelings will actively try to uncover the roles of the townsponies, eliminate the greatest threats and avoid danger if they can.

    * Atmospheric graphics, music and sound.

    * The character's names, roles and avatars are randomly generated every game - no two games are ever alike!

    Check it out here!