• Hot Topic Exclusive Covers for Friendship is Magic #43 - 45 Revealed!

    Rarity makes crime look fabulous. As if she would allow herself to look any other way, regardless of the situation! Class and style take a lot of hard work to achieve, and there is no way that Rarity is going to allow a little thing like being a criminal to get in the way of all that effort. The nerve of some police officers.

    However you might go to jail like Rarity if you were to take advantage of the the steal of the century from IDW MLP Comic Tony Fleecs. Tony hasn't listed just the Original Art for the Criminal Rarity Hot Topic Exclusive Variant Cover, he's included in the listing the covers for the next two issues in the Ponies of Dark Water Friendship is Magic storyline!

    The price? Well, that's the reason this is a steal. He's offering all four covers for the low, low price of $400. That might seem like a lot of money, but you're getting three covers for that price. Which means that each cover costs a mere $133.33.

    Considering that the average MLP Comic Cover costs $300+, Tony is offering a buy one get two covers free deal! You literally can't beat that!

    Remember these original pieces of art are one of a kind. First person who buys it will be the proud owner of something truly unique in their collection. If you feel like taking advantage of these steal of a deal, you'll want to check out Tony Fleecs's website with the listing here.

    Of course, for those who want to see exactly what it is that they are buying, or perhaps want to get a look at the upcoming covers, a picture of the original art has been included after the break!