• Official Starlight Glimmer Comic About a Talent Show With Her "Our Town" Friends

    The Starlight Glimmer edition of the My Little Pony magazine has released, and buried within is a mini story about Starlight Glimmer heading back to "our town" to throw a talent show with her friends.

    I snagged Plumestein over on Twitter to translate it from French for you all. Go say thinks!

    Now check out Glimglam's trip to friendshipland down below!

    Starlight Glimmer is going to the Sugar Cube Corner with her new friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

    Glimmer: The cupcakes were delicious!

    Twilight: Ms and Mr Cake got a unique talent for baking!

    G.: It’s really great when you got a talent. I should not have done that.

    T.: Whats wrong?

    A long time ago, Starlight removed their Cutie Marks to all the habitants of her native town, she’s bitterly regrets it today.

    G.: I want to redeem myself with my friends

    T.: Maybe you could visit them?

    G.: Yes! I’m will prepare something special for them!

    T.: What are you thinking about?

    G.: I’ll organize a talent contest for my friends!

    T.: Excellent idea!

    Twilight is heading back to Canterlot

    T.: I’ll be glad to help you, but duty calls me!

    G.: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.

    T.: I’ll be back as soon as possible.

    G.: See you soon!

    Quickly, Stalight arrives in town to see her friends.

    Party Favor: Hello Starlight!

    Sugar Belle: It’s good to see you!

    Double diamond: What brings you here?

    G.: I want to organize a talent contest with you!

    Night Glider: I’m in!

    D.D.: So do I!

    P.F.: Great! I’m calling everypony!

    Later, Starlight wants to inform the others about the schedule when she ears…

    G.: ??? (this one was really hard)

    P.F.: I wonder what we could do…

    S.B.: We’ll do the same thing as usual!

    G.: Oh! No! What if the ponies were bored with their talents?

    Starlight decides to change her mind.

    G.: I want everypony to show their best, but I think it will be funnier if I change the tasks to do.

    D.D.: Here’s Starlight!

    S.B.: I wonder what she’s up to.

    G.: Are you ready for the talent contest schedule?

    G.: Night Glider will realize balloons decorations.

    N.G.: Me?

    G.: Sugar Belle will prepare the track for the ski competition.

    S.B.: Hu…

    G.: Party Flavour will inform all the guests outside of the town and double diamond will prepare food and drinks.

    P.F.: But…

    D.D.: What?!

    Although everypony is surprised by the new tasks allocation, they start to work for what they’ve been asked for.

    D.D.: Wait! I’ll show you how to put the skis

    S.B.: Ah, thanks! It’s the first time of my life that I’m skiing!

    P.F.: Ha! Ha! It’s hard in the beginning, but you’ll learn fast!

    N.G.: Damn!

    S.B.: Mix the preparation slower to avoid overflowing from the bowl.

    D.D.: Ok! Thanks, Sugar Belle!

    N.G.: Jump, Party Flavour! Let’s fly to Pagasus Capitol.

    P.F.: Grat, thanks! I didn’t know how to go to Cloudsdale without wings!

    N.G. I hope that the Wonderbolts will join out talent contest!

    All the ponies are working together and helping each other’s. Thanks to their friendship, they manage to fulfill all the tasks and, soon, the city is ready for the talent contest.

    G.: Oh! I think that everypony is pleased with their new role.

    Starlight congratulates each pony for their fantastic work.

    G.: You were really great!

    S.B.: I’ve learned how to ski!

    D.D.: And I know how to cook and make cakes!

    P.F.: tell me, why did you change the schedule?

    G.: I’ve heard Sugar Belle complaining about doing the same thing again and again so I decided to go further and exchange all your tasks.

    S.B.: But I’ve never said something like that!

    P.F.: Yes, Starlight is right, you said it but you weren’t complaining.

    S.B.: That’s true, I was so pleased to get a new occasion to show on what we are the bests.

    G.: So it was a misunderstanding? Damn, I’ve ruined the talent contest…

    D.D.: No!

    N.G.: On the contrary, it was really funny!

    P.F.: Yes! I went to Cloudsdale for the first time!

    D.D.: Thanks to you, we learned a lot from each other’s.

    The day after, the ponies are numerous for the contest.

    T.: I’m so happy to be there!

    P.F.: You’ll see; You’ll have a lot of fun!

    The Wonderbolts presents a really beautiful air show.

    G. It’s great to have a talent, but it’s even better to share it whith others!

    T.: Yes, we can learn so much from our friends!

    Thanks to Sacha for sending it!