• Panini Comics Mexico Releases Their Friendship is Magic Issue 2

    Good news for our Brony Friends down in Mexico! The second issue of Panini Comics Mexico's Latin American Spanish Translation of the MLP: FiM Comic has been released! It looks like Panini Comics Mexico has chosen week 3 of each month to release their series if the release from last month is anything to go by. We'll see if this trend holds up in the next month.

    And their cover for issue two is using the cover from issue three of the Original IDW MLP: FiM Comic Series. Given the page count, for some reason i get the feeling that they're including two American comic issues per release. If Panini Comics keep up with that pace, they'll be caught up with the IDW Source Material in a matter in September of 2019 (barring cancellation of IDW Main Series or any other schedule change of course). If anyone can confirm that in the comments section, please do.

    Anyways, good luck to everyone down in Mexico with tracking down their copy! Judging by what Panini Comics has been tweeting lately, it looks like some people have already found theirs!