• Wave 16 Blind Bag Ponies Hit Amazon - Code List Already Cracked

    The 16th wave in the Blindbag lineup has been listed over on Amazon. At the moment it is flagged as unavailable, but it's a good sign that this will be releasing soon. Included in that, they posted a few stock images of each of some characters available.  As leaked over the last few months, this one looks to be a combination of both Nightmare Night and Pearlescent ponies.

    Head on down below the break for all of them, along with codes for when they hit stores.

    Wave 16 my little pony blindbag ponies

    Listing over on Amazon.

    Codes from James:

    AA - Berryshine
    AB - Fiddly Faddle
    AC - Golden Harvest
    AD - Sassaflash
    AE - Big McIntosh
    AF - Fluttershy
    AG - Minuette
    AH - Roseluck
    AI - Trixie Lulamoon
    AK - Twilight Velvet
    AL - Mosely Orange
    AM - Berry Green
    AN - Merry May
    AO - Cherry Spices
    AP - Electric Sky
    AR - Crimson Gala
    AS - Amethyst Star
    AT - Twilight Sky
    AU - Rainbow Dash
    AV - Magnet Bolt
    AW - Royal Riff
    AX - Peachy Pie
    AY - Chance-A-Lot
    AZ - Shoeshine