• Discussion: Which OC Pony Would You Add to The Show?!

    Good or possibly bad news everyone! Our hypothetical Hasbro executive is back once again, and he absolutely positively must have an fandom OC pony for an episode in the future. Rejecting this offer is completely not allowed!

    Since you, the king/queen of ponies, are so versed in all things brony fandom, it is your mission to choose which OC makes it into said episode. It can be anypony from a big name like Little Pip, a HYPER MARY SUE BLACK AND RED ALICORN GOD, or just a random one you saw on Deviant Art that you liked. Regardless of who you choose, an entire episode will revolve around them!

    Saying no is not an option! If you hate everything about this, maybe you should choose the one that you think would be least damaging?

    Drop an image link of your chosen pony below!

    Hard mode: write a synopsis of their episode.