• Marks in Time - Card Combos and Exclusive Reveals

    Prerelease Events for Marks in Time start in just one short week! (Here's the map of stores holding events in case you missed it.) Some of the most fun you can have in card games is making two or more cards work together to get better results than the sum of their parts, usually called a card combo. Even better is pulling these off at a prerelease, when the cards are brand new to everyone.

    With that in mind, let's look at new card combos introduced in Marks in Time that you might find in your prerelease packs, including some new EQD exclusive card spoilers!

    Let's start with the headliners from above the break. The Diligent keyword means that Bulk Biceps will get a +1 power counter every time he helps to win a faceoff, and as he gets more power he slowly gets Swift, then Stubborn, then Competitive 2.

    But why wait? Using some "alternative methods" of bulking Bulk up, namely The Rainbow Connection, you can give Bulk a sudden increase of +3 power, unlocking all of those abilities at once. Even better, Rainbow Connection also gives him Diligent 3, meaning that when you win the faceoff with Bulk he'll get four +1 power counters, pumping him to 6 power and keeping all his abilities unlocked on following turns.

    The alternative history Applejack here can be exhausted to gain you an action token each turn, and since she's Stubborn she can still confront Problems and help with faceoffs. With her lower color requirements she can be played very early, letting those extra action tokens really build up over the course of a game.

    Even better, let's say that you have two or three of Applejack, Factory Organizer in play, and you're running the new Starlight Glimmer Mane Character. When you boost Starlight, you get another Ready Phase, so all those Organizers you exhausted to gain action tokens from will be readied and able to be exhausted again!

    Spike is very proud of his cookie recipe, and this version of him celebrates the arrival of a new Friend at his Problem by sharing dessert, pumping up Spike's power along with the power of the Friend played at his Problem. The sugar must flow...

    But what's better than sharing cookies with a Friend? Sharing cookies with a whole bunch of Friends! For just one action token you can play Music in the Treetops and choose to put two 1-power Critters into play at Spike's Problem, going from just a 2-power Spike there to having a 4-power Spike and two 2-power Critters!

    This one costs too many action tokens to be "competitive," but it's kinda fun! If you already have Silver Spoon in play, you then play Spoiled Rich to the same Problem with Silver Spoon. All of your opponent's characters will get dragged over to the Problem in question against their will, messing up your opponent's gameplan. Plus if they had two or more Troublemakers in play, they'll be dragged along as well - even more amusing chaos.

    While your opponent's characters are at the same Problem as Spoiled Rich, they'll all have -1 power during faceoffs, giving you an edge... and if they want to try moving away, good luck, they'll have to spend an extra action token per character to move away thanks to Silver Spoon. Peer pressure is rough.

    This is just a small sample of the shenanigans you can pull off in Marks in Time. Next week we'll look at some more card combos, see some final Ultra Rare and Royal Rare spoilers, get more EQD exclusive reveals, look at the last Dilemma card, and way more! It's going to be a really fun week, so stay tuned.