• Pony "Pop Up Store" in Japan - Giant Pinkie Pie Costume and Video

    With 52 new episodes heading to Japanese TV, Hasbro looks to be giving Friendship is Magic another shot over in Japan. Going along with that, is the inevitable flood of advertising and merchandising. Can pony explode this time around? Do cartoon equines with cute anime eyes and an appealing style appeal to the cute-flooded world of Japanese culture? I suppose we will find out soon.

    A new pop up store has appeared, but for whatever reason seems to be largely focused on older generation ponies. I have no idea why they seem to do that over there. Maybe the marketing department accidentally received the wrong info packet? The Japanese Twitter for pony dropped the image below off to announce this.

    Anyway, get a video of it below, with a normal Pinkie Pie giant costume thing.

    Thanks to Wolf Nanaki for sending it!