• Music of the Day #600

    600 of these posts! I honestly wasn't expecting to still be doing them. Music of the Day was originally just an experiment to find a place for all the music that didn't quite hit spotlight. I guess you all kept it alive though!

    Get your usual musics below.

    [1] Source

    Lionovsky - Smile Song (8-bit cover) by Hardware Music | Lionovsky

    8 bit

    [2] Source

    DezmoondPony - Whatever... by Dezmoondpony

    [3] Source

    Flyghtning - My beloved Sparkle (full mix) by Flyghtning

    [4] Source

    MC-Arch. - Viva La Discordia. [Discord - Rap.] (New) by MC- Arch


    [5] Source

    StealingShad3Z - Til The End by StealingShad3Z

    Electronic / Orchestral

    [6] Source

    #NLR (#NRG) - Lunar Dance by Lunar Dance

    EDM, Progressive House

    [7] Source

    Daniel Ingram - Magic Inside of Me (Progressive Element Remix) by Progressive Element

    [8] Source

    Seventh Element - Pie Family Acid by Seventh Element