• IDW MLP Artist Brenda Hickey to Attend Starfish Comic and Gaming Expo!

    Brenda Hickey is making her second USA Convention Appearance in Lewisville Texas—a suburb of Dallas—for the Starfish Comic and Gaming Expo. The con will be held on Friday, December 18th from 10 AM – 1 PM at the Lewisville High School.

    The convention has been organized in a little under three months by the Lewisville High School Special Needs Class. The con has been created to allow this part of the community to express what they are passionate about and share it with those around them. Kind of like how a certain other fandom started meet-ups to meet other fans to share their passion for colorful equines.

    Aside from Brenda Hickey, the convention will feature a few other guests and charitable organizations—who can all be found on their website here!

    We here at Equestria Daily wish these kids the absolute best of luck with their convention and that it's a huge success!

    Convention Exclusive Print by Brenda Hickey