• Equestria Daily IDW/Top Shelf NYCC Live Blog Coverage.

    I hope everyone here is ready for some announcements from IDW! I will be providing live coverage of the panel as it occurs. 

    Will there be MLP announcements? TMNT? Jem? Who knows, but I will be there yo bring you all the updates as they happen from IDW's Greatest Panel of all Time! 

    Be sure to check it out after the break!

    Panel is over! Enjoy the show notes!

    We've been let into the panel room. IDW is putting together the final touches on their set up.

    Surprisingly the room isn't packed, but when I looked outside the queue to get in was still being processed into the show.

    And the panel begins. Panelists are introduced.

    New series. Luna the Vampire. NOTE: This is not Princess Luna but a completely new property from IDW!

    Jem and the Holgrams announcement. Something goes wrong with Syngery and Jem goes dark!

    Transformers: Titans Return and Optimus Prime annexes Earth! And most of the population isn't happy about that. All Hail Optimus Prime!

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

    Specifically Ghostbusters International. The team will globetrott around the world, hunting ghosts around the world.

    IDW Series: Inifinite Loop. 6 issue mini-series. Trade paperback out next month. If you like time travel, dinosaurs, and strong women characters consider checking it out.

    Star Trek: Starfleet Academy coming this December. A light hearted story focusing in the cadets in Starfleet. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise uncover a mystery while at the academy, and 3 years late the next crew of upperclassmen work to solve it!

    Start Trek issue 50 comes out soon. And it's the beginning of a Mirror Universe arc.

    ANNOUNEMCEMENT: New Start Trek Arc. Legacy of Spock. Starts in Star Trek 55. Tells Prime Spock's story of discovering/founding New Vulcan and is a tribute to Lenord Nimoy.

    Mars Attacks. Coming March 2016. Continues after the last series where the Martains have conquered the planet. Human resistance has started, but considering this is Mars Attacks, things might not go well.

    Micronauts coming in February 2016. The classic 80s comic returns to be introduced to a new generation.

    Chris Ryall and Christos Gage will be co-writing the ROM The Space Knight Revival. Premiering with issue 0 at Free Comic book day, and launching properly in July of 2016 with issue 1.

    Tory Little's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Premiering at NYCC. Comic Adaptation of the novel. He wrote/drew/colored/lettered the entire graphic novel. Is a great companion piece to both the novel and the film. For sale at the IDW both here at the con.

    New Artist Edition: Best of DC War AND Star Wars the original Marvel Comic adaptation

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Artist Select George Perez's Avengers. Compilation of his favorite stories in a high end hardcover collection.

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Bloom County 2015 to be collected and published by IDW next year!

    MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: 30 Days of Nights returns next year with a new title. 30 Days is a reboot of the classic 2002 series.

    QnA Session:

    What's going on with MLP?

    IDW: it's canceled. *laughs* The Siege of the Crystal Empire is coming out now. And both comic series are doing well.

    Aside from that one question, every question has been about everyone's favorite Robots in Disguise!