• Top 7 Awesome Princess Celestia Episode Ideas!

    Princess Celestia is overdue for an episode. That much is clear by now. As I said in one of my previous editorials, there is so much material to work with. Even Jim Miller admitted on Twitter that we need a Celestia episode, but unfortunately the powers that be have not signed off on one yet. Well let's give them some help with that. After the break, let's talk about Princess Celestia and the seven episode ideas that I have for her!

    Idea #1: Flashback episode where Princess Celestia learns a lesson about royalty.

    Princess Celestia has been the one that teaches lessons since the show’s inception. Twilight Sparkle has learned numerous morals and lessons from Celestia, but she can’t be right all the time, can she? We haven’t had a flashback episode in a while, and I feel that Celestia’s past is a narrative gold mine. There are a few ponies that Celestia could learn her lesson from, since most of the past is ambiguous except for the many villain’s backstories.

    Any story idea would have to tow the line between all of the morals that have already been used. I’d imagine that a moral that had to do with teaching would be easier to implement. Princess Celestia could be starting off as royalty, with a budding civilization or Canterlot. The first idea that comes to mind would be her opening up Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. She could take up her first student, just as she did with Twilight a thousand years later. I’d imagine Celestia would be a little overzealous with her teachings, and could push one of her students to stress and burnout.

    This moral was slightly touched upon in Lesson Zero, but with the increasing amount of tasks that Twilight has been accepting, due to her becoming royalty, it would be nice to go back to the basics with a different perspective. Starswirl could be Celestia’s first student, or even Luna. There are many choices here and the idea is open to interpretation.

    Idea #2: Flashback episode where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna fight (verbally) for the first time before Nightmare Moon.

    With Amending Fences, MLP has shown that it is capable of delivering a no-holds-barred punch to your feels. With Princess Luna’s eventual jealousy over her shunned night, there is definitely enough material for a tense and passive-aggressive episode between the two. The aggression would most likely have to be toned down due to the target demographic, but this episode could easily take on the lesson of a sibling fight, and the fear and anguish that comes with it.

    This episode would be a little harder to pull off and I’d imagine that it would need a happy ending (or a cliffhanger ala “Bats!”). The reason for their shouting could be anything, from an eaten cake in the fridge, to the elephant in the room (much like many actual sibling fights). If Amending Fences was an isolated incident, then I’m sure that the episode could be toned down to a misunderstanding, possibly in the present day.

    Since we can't get a DBZ fight yet. Larson, call me.

    Idea #3: A Celestia and Twilight episode where the two are split on something ideologically.

    I brought up this idea in my “Guest Stars” editorial, and I still feel that it would be an excellent idea. Twilight Sparkle has (for the most part) remained a “yes mare” towards Celestia and no doubt holds a bias for her. But I’m sure Celestia would agree that she can’t always be right. The problem could be diplomatically as Twilight tags along to speak with the griffins or dragons. Celestia could harbor resentment or hesitance towards diplomacy due to a previous war or “Cold War” that the two races had.

    Twilight could firmly believe that these races could be taught the meaning of friendship, but Celestia wouldn’t believe that Twilight could teach an entire race the intricacies behind it within a few days. Twilight would try and most likely wouldn’t be able to, but she could ignite the spark of friendship, and that would be all she needs to prove to Celestia that it’s possible. Celestia would concede and agree that Twilight was right. Celestia would then smile proudly down at her subject, happy that she was wrong when it mattered.

    That sounds like a crazy face. Discord what did you do?

    Idea #4: A Discord and Celestia episode.

    Of course we need a Discord and Celestia episode. Nicole Oliver wants them shipped, John DeLancie jokes about the two of them being shipped, and the fandom is practically begging for it. Obviously they can’t be shipped, but a simple episode in the manner of Three’s a Crowd would be grade “A” material. The episode could have Discord, Luna, and Celestia, or just the duo. One idea that comes to mind is Discord’s birthday.

    Celestia feels like she is obligated to celebrate it, due to the rocky relationship that the two have. Discord, in order to troll Celestia wants a myriad of things, and Celestia has to go through Discord's multiple universes to find his presents. You can expect a lot of funny references and perhaps some backstory surrounding Discord and the previous universes that he touched.

    Idea #5: Celestia loses a bet and has to work at Discord's joke shop.

    Discord has been running a joke shop in his spare time, which Celestia doesn't know about until she loses a friendly bet to him. She has to work for a day at Discord's joke shop and shenanigans ensue. I can easily see Celestia trying to handle returns for items that accidentally changed the race or gender of the buyer. Expect mostly visual gags and customer service jokes. I can imagine one of the customers changing their mind about returning their item upon seeing Celestia, and trying to convince Celestia that they were born with the ability to walk upside down.

    Idea #6: It's Hearts and Hooves day, and Draconequus tradition dictates that the female must make the move.

    Celestia has been waiting for Discord to take her out to dinner for a while now, but the both of them haven't been able to free up their schedules. Discord obviously has the entirety of Equestria to prank while Celestia has her own royal duties. Nevertheless, after Celestia asks Discord if he's going to take her out to dinner, Discord flips the question on her. According to Discord, Celestia must make a proposition from the heart if she wants to go out with him. Since Celestia can't tell if Discord is lying, she promises to come back after she figures out how to ask from the heart.

    Naturally, Celestia would visit all of the Main Six and ask how they would ask somepony out. We could possibly throw in a scene with Princess Cadance, the Princess of Love herself! However at the end, Discord would say that he is joking, and Celestia's uncharacteristic glare of frustration would be the thing that makes Discord smile. "That's what I wanted to see," Discord would say as he snaps a picnic beneath the both of them. Celestia would sigh, but enjoy the picnic, and afterwards, vow to never have dinner with him again.

    Up next on being tardy to the party: me using this picture!

    Idea #7: A prank war between Celestia and Luna of epic proportions.

    What better way to show your sister that you love her than a prank war? This episode could simply be for fun, much like Pinkie Pride. Both Luna and Celestia could revamp one of their traditions thousands of years ago: The Royal Prank War. Anything (appropriate) would go when it comes to this war. Now that the Princesses know the Elements of Harmony and Discord, the Prank War could turn into a recruitment drive full of sabotage and smack-talking until the third act.

    After that final commercial break, Princess Celestia and Luna would walk into the Canterlot Castle, each at different ends. Both would meet up in the center of the castle, their manes completely disheveled with silly string and streamers covering their bodies. Twilight would consult the “Royal Prank War Rulebook” (which she made that day) and declare the both of them as the winner. Almost immediately, the Princesses would declare tomorrow as the rematch day, as everyone laughs into a fade out.

    In conclusion, Princess Celestia has a wide range of episodes that could be available to her. From the deep and tragic to the fun and cathartic, Celestia deserves her moment in the spotlight. Hopefully next season, we can have an episode that rivals the comics in quality.

    That about sums up this week’s discussion. What do you all think? What are some of your ideas for a Celestia episode? Would she be better as the sole protagonist, or does she need a partner to share the spotlight? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!