• More Pony Coming to Japan?

    Remember the Japan Time posts we used to have for the first two Japanese dubbed seasons of pony? For quite awhile things have been silent on the Japan front, but now some encouraging news has popped up as of late.

    Recently, clips of the EqG movies dubbed into Japanese have appeared (which we put in the Roundup) and today some more tips have appeared. Apparently there is going to be a Pony Cafe set up to promote ponies over there and recently the VA for Japanese Pinkie Pie tweeted she had voiced a few episodes of the show recently, hinting that season 3 or a season 3-5 combo is being dubbed, according to our source!

    It's all just speculation, but this is the most news we've gotten out of the official Japanese pony production in awhile. Maybe we'll have more Japan Times to look forward to in the near future!

    Thanks to Shimmer for sending it in.

    Pony Cafe Source

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