• New Season 5 Poster Pops Up With Hidden Characters and Secrets

    This image seems oddly appropriate for the mysterious stuff that pops up regarding pony (or at least appropriate for our comment section at times). It seems that as part of the MLP Friendship Day event Hasbro is pushing it was possible to receive a free season 5 poster.

    The poster currently has some characters revealed with several blurred out which is interesting enough, but rips of the site code have revealed some interesting looking things about the CMC and their possible cutie marks (at least for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle).

    Check on after the break for the poster and some pics of what the CMC marks might be. They sure do look awfully familiar...

    Thanks to Shimmer for sending it in!

    CMC Marks Found in the Site Data

    Are Shining and Cadence having a baby?

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