• IDW Publishing Relaunches Online Digital Comics Online Store

    IDW relaunches their comic purchasing apps (still working on that in-depth review). So of course it was only a matter of time before they relaunched their digital store.

    Was a relaunch it is! It's actually quite ingenious in its simplicity. Rather than break the IDW store on IDW Publishing into two groups, a digital comic store front and a physical copy order store front, they two stores have been linked. You can order any physical copy of the comic or the digital version of the comic by clicking on a little drop down menu and making a selection for which version you want.

    No multiple pages for the same product in digital and physical formats like other online retailers. One page for both versions (for as long as the physical version remains in stock that is).

    Now I'm sure everyone is wondering the exact same thing I was wondering when I heard about this news. Well, IDW has already beaten us to it.

    Can I sync my website purchases to the IDW app?

    Our online comics are not synced to purchases in our apps, Madefire, comiXology or any other distributors at this point. Purchases between our apps and the online digital comics will all sync up before long, we’re working on that now!
    Sorry folks, not possible right now. But hopefully that will be rectified in short order!

    But until then, what does this mean for EQD? Well, every single comic post will now include a direct link to IDW's issue page as yet another option to choose from when purhcasing your IDW MLP Comics.

    So, thoughts about this latest step into the digital frontier from the guys at Idea and Design Works?