• MLP Card Game and Trading Card Goodies at BronyCon

    Wow, just look at that playmat. It's so shiny...

    Ahem. Anyway, are you going to BronyCon and looking for some sweet MLP: CCG and trading card debuts? Here's the latest on the playmat above, Equestrian Odysseys theme deck advance copies, and the Starlight Glimmer promo card from the Enterplay Facebook:
    All attendees of BronyCon are eligible to get a free Starlight Glimmer MLP Promo Trading Card! Just stop by the the Packbreakers booth #206, right in front of the marketplace entrance from the Otterbein Lobby.

    That's not all. Packbreakers will also have limited quantities of this amazing new Doctor & Friend Playmat available for sale, and by purchasing one you also get a copy of the new Dr. Hooves, Time Researcher promo Pf9 from MLP: CCG Set 5 Equestrian Odysseys!

    And to top it off, there will be advance copies of the Equestrian Odysseys Theme Decks available, giving you an early chance to get the new Moving Mare and Octavia Mane Character cards!