• Music of the Day #531

    That's battyish right? Or something?

    Music of the Day time! Go check out the musics below! Hit the comments up and pick your favorite! Lets see if anyone actually reads these blurbs.

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    (Rap) Mane - You said I wouldn't make it by Mane [Official]

    [2] Source

    Bad Timberwolf - Everfree by Bad Timberwolf

    [3] Source

    The Great Cleaning by Alexey Kotlyar

    [4] Source

    The Exosphere 3.0 - [Unofficial Bronycon 2015 Anthem] by Sine Wave Frequency

    [5] Source

    Famitracker Bits - Celestia's Ballad (GBC-Style) by Travis Nelson

    [6] Source

    Los Pegasus by John Thorsell

    [7] Source

    "You Just Got Beat Up By a Pony" - Original Electronic MLP Music by Strat Attack by Bo Cherry

    [8] Source

    Make A Wish (Aftermath Remix) - Piano Transcription By Delta3120 by Delta3120

    [9] Source

    Poisoned Perceptions of a Fractured Mind - Reverbrony by Reverb Brony
    Dark Heavy Metal