• McDonalds Toys Now Available in Brazil. Twilight Sparkle Hat Joins the Others

    Would you wear a Twilight Sparkle mask? I probably would. I've been known to rock whatever dumb pony headpiece they have available at SDCC after all. A tiara one year, a giant Rainbow Dash face this year. It's the best.

    Uhh, anyway, enough about silly hats. Brazil apparently already has these guys listed on their website as available now. I know a few of you at least live down there and love the poni. For the rest of us, will we ever be graced by these incredible headpieces? That remains a mystery. Brazil has had completely unique pony figures in the past for their McDonalds campaigns. Way back in 2011, these were available.

    I suppose only time will tell!

    Thanks to Ryan for the heads up.