• BUCK 2016 Tickets Now on Sale!

    BUCK has opened for ticket sales for their 2016 convention! Even though the year is only half over that doesn't mean we can't start planning fun for 2016, right?

    Check on after the break for ticket details!

    BUCK Con - the UK's biggest pony convention - is back with a vengeance, and tickets are now on sale from our website at http://buckcon.org!

    Unlike previous years, we’re going to be running a modular ticket system. This means that instead of buying a single ticket of the chosen tier, everyone buys a day or weekend ticket, and then a selection of extras for whatever perks they want with it.

    We’ve just launched day and weekend tickets, and the first ‘Add-On’ extras will become available this weekend on Saturday.

    These add-ons will be limited in number, so we'll be releasing them in waves!

    BUCK 2016 is set to take place on the 9th and 10th of April 2016, and will once again throw it's epic Summer Sun Celebration concert, along with a host of interactive and visual demos and workshops for all the creative arts. Check out website for more information and links to our social media! - BUCK Towers http://buckcon.org

    Twitter: Calpain