• New "Rainbow Wheel" Fashion Collection To Start with My Little Pony

    Remember that episode where Rainbow Dash drunkenly licked the camera during an impromptu interview at Soarin's bachelor party, and everyone made silly shirts about it? Good times. And high fashion apparently.

    UK Designers FYDOR GOLAN are introducing a new collection called "Rainbow Wheel", promising to bring on the luxury clothing for women, ranging everywhere from "puffer jackets" to "beaded evening gowns". Their first collection will be hitting their flagship store in Italy at a place called Luisa Via Roma covered in pony stuff.

    Congratulations everyone. The pony fandom has graduated from Walmart to difficult to pronounce fashion stores in Italy. We made it!

    Exact wording:

    The MY LITTLE PONY brand continues to be a fashionable favorite as UK designers FYODOR GOLAN introduce "RAINBOW WHEEL," a colorful collection of luxury womenswear ranging from quilted puffer jackets to beaded evening gowns. The line will be available in leading department stores around the world, including Selfridges in the UK, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, Harvey Nichols in Kuwait, and Luisa Via Roma in Italy, which will launch the collection in store with a MY LITTLE PONY brand takeover of its flagship location this summer. - Businesswire

    Thanks to SleepySteve for sending it.