• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Possible Pony Romances of the Last 5 Seasons!

    If there is one thing any fandom out there is guilty of, it's creating outlandish romances for whatever characters they are involved with, via situations that arise throughout the episodes. These can be as simple as a funny glance one character gives another, or a full blown one-sided romance.

    Pony in particular seems to be even more crazy about this. Maybe it's due to the all-girl cast and large amount of male fans? Or maybe pony just absorbs a certain demographic that likes that sappy cartoon horse romance thing?

    Below the break, we dig into a bunch of hinted at, fandom driven, or full blown ships from the past 5 seasons as the 99 episode celebration continues!

    I should probably note before we start, obviously every pony pairing on the planet has been explored. We could battle it out forever on what ship is best ship. These aren't our opinions on "Best", but more "most interesting" or "most ridiculous".


    Discord and Celestia

    We know Celestia locked Discord away in stone with the elements of Harmony over 1000 years ago with Luna, but what originally lead to this? After his return and subsequent chaosification of Ponyville, he was quickly relocked by the mane 6. So, why was she so willing to release him again? Is Celestia getting bored in her old age... or is there something more going on between the two of them?

    You've gone crazy with this one fandom, and they just keep dropping hints in the show. Between Discord winking and giving Cele flowers, to sun horse sending him a ticket to the Gala, these two are doing something behind the scenes.

    The question is, how deep does it go?

    Rarity and Tom

    Rarity may have been discorded to see Tom as a diamond and gain a whole bunch of greed to polarize her generosity, but would that really caused the spark of love we saw her exude upon him? Perhaps Ms. Rarity has a secret thing for giant gemstones, left over from her cutie mark origin story? Is that weird? Is pony x mineral accepted yet in Equestria?

    Soarin and Pie

    Few things match the wonderful feeling of digging into your favorite food ever. True love is the only thing that comes close. What if you combined them? What if your significant other was also your favorite foo....

    Actually this is really creepy.

    SoarinXpie, its a thing.

    Rainbow Dash and Everything

    What happens when a fandom filled with way too many dudes takes hold of the tomboy pony in the show? ROMANCE. So much romance. Rainbow Dash has shipped with absolutely everyone. Mares, Colts, Scootaloos, sinks, you name it and she has probably fallen in love with it. If an episode pairs her up with anyone, chances are someone will see hidden love somewhere. From mysterious excursions with Fluttershy, to questions on what exactly went on after the Best Young Flyer Competition, this pony does it all.

    Cheerilee and Big Mac

    If one were to corral up all the Cheerilee ships out there, this would probably be the most common. Even before their love-addled events in the potion episode, these two were getting boatloads of the shipping treatment.

    Perhaps there is some leftover love nagging at the back of their minds for each other? They definitely have the chemistry. Maybe some day Ponyville's school teacher will find herself wandering the apple orchards, complaining about Apple Bloom with her new Special Somepony?

    Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich

    Opposites don't always attract. Sometimes a party pony needs a fellow party pony to party with. Pinkie and Cheese have been shipped constantly since their big episode a few seasons ago. Is there anypony else out there that could possible handle a relationship with Pinkie? Would she not drive any other cartoon horse absolutely insane? Discord is the only one, and he's totally taken by Fluttershy or Celestia according to my amazingly untouchable headcanon. They even match manes!

    Spike's Love of Rarity

    One of the first and few major canon ships that haven't resulted in full blown wife/husband status, or anything for that matter. Poor Spike just keeps on obsessing, and Rarity seems to absolutely love egging him on. We can probably assume Spike is pretty old, considering he hatched when Twilight was fresh out of Magic Kindergarten, but he's still considered a baby in dragon years. Will this blossoming romance ever go anywhere? Or will a rich and powerful stallion sweep Rarity off her hooves before Spike is old enough to claim her for his own?

    Lyra and Bonbon

    I'll be honest. I actually prefer these two as friends or room-mates more than I like seeing them in a romantic relationship, but there is no denying that they seem to be moving in that direction. Their brief stint in Equestria Girls threw all sorts of fuel on the lesbian horse shipping fire. How will they be treated in the 100th episode? This is one I personally can't wait to see.

    Applejack and... Apples

    I mentioned that glorious connection between love and food earlier, but what happens if your destiny is literally a food? This pony right here happens! How many times has she said the word "apple" in an episode? How many episodes have had something to do with apples when it revolves around her? Considering we only see slices out of these ponies lives, the ratio between apples and no apples is pretty staggering for countryhorse.  If I had that kind of k/d ratio Counter Strike, I'd be able to quit EQD and play that full time.


    I used to love Twix. When I was a kid, if anyone ever asked if I wanted a candy bar, that would be my #1 choice. Nothing else ever came close.

    Clearly a candy of such a high caliber means these two were meant for each other. We need to do it a specific way though. Trixie needs to be that obsessed and vengeful creeper to start, followed by an accidental connection and months of Tsundere reactions to Twilight's nerdyness. Her "obnoxious little egghead" she'd say. Magic lessons, Luna apprenticeship, adventures around Equestria seeking powerful lost artifacts... it's perfect. Magic ponies are the best on their own, but combined the possibilities are endless... 

    So, what is your favorite ship? Which ones do you want to see happen? Hit the comments up!

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