• Nightly Roundup #1200

    Vest continues with his amazing main six series! Endure. And in enduring grow strong.

    Hey guys! Sorry for no Roundups recently, but I suffered from some really bad insomnia recently which threw off my whole schedule the past couple days. Things should be back to normal now though! Now get some news after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    The Many Faces of EqD

    Something a little cute and silly sent in by a fan of the site! Thanks for sending it in IceSparkle!

    Cake and Cupcakes Have Returned!

    We run out of baked goods and when you least expect it you guys flood us with them! Yum~

    Link for the creator of the cake is down below!

    Check out the full story here!

    "Hard to Be a Brony" Documentary Teaser

    Looks like our Russian friends are taking a stab at the documentary scene themselves! Check out their teaser trailer above.

    MLP-Silver Quill´s Clutterstep Part Finale

    Got a comic dub for you guys looking for a little story tonight! Find it up above.

    Pinkie Watches Paint Dry Audio Book

    For those of you looking for something a bit longer than a comic dub, check this fan reading out!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    BronyCon Room Share

    Hey everyone! I’d like to announce that once again, just like last year, I’m hosting a hotel group for Bronycon in Baltimore! This time, it’s set up at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor, which like the Days Inn before it is very close to the convention center.
    The main hotel booking is from Thursday till Monday, but it is quite flexible. If you need to leave on Sunday, that’s fine; if you want to arrive on Tuesday and leave on Wednesday, that’s doable as long as you have a group of 4. 
    Further details and contact information can be found here.
    If you aren’t going to Bronycon, or aren’t interested in this roomshare, please reblog to help spread the word. Thanks!

    Brony@Home "Burn it up" 2015 Summer Competition

    Basic Competition Information

    Competition runs June 14th 0:00 UTC to August 14th 0:00 UTC.
    Competitors must run Folding@home on team 212997 and post in this thread to sign-up.
    Prizes are distributed with a point-based system.

    Competing in the competition

    To get started, just download and install the software at the very top of the page of the Folding@home website
    Pick a username to fold under (it automatically registers it when setting up the software)
    Set a quick little passkey (optional, but recommended)
    Set the team to 212997 (very important, go pony power!)
    In addition to installing the software, make a post in this thread saying "Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is SirFoldAlot even though my username on this forum is RainbowCrash41902."

    About the Competition

    The folding@home software is biological simulation software for research done at colleges across the world. It performs many calculations, and places a significant load on your system, causing your hardware to heat up. While the program is designed to go unnoticed by reducing its usage in real time to prevent disruptions to your own usage, you can also limit the maximum usage of the program to keep heat at a safe level. Monitor the first few minutes of running the software, and adjust accordingly, especially on laptops. In most cases, no adjustment is necessary though.

    Because Folding@home does not count bonus points unless you complete 10 units or more, I highly suggest you set up the software several days before the competition starts. When the competition ends you can of course stop the software, however you would be stopping your computer from doing research. The whole point of this competition is to get ponies running the software on their computers for ongoing biological research.

    Like the last competition, there is one prize category. The more you fold and get points, the more likely you are to win a prize (based on a ticket system).

    Get more information here!

    OC's Needed!

    I've decided I'm going to completely tear down the way I write the journal for my commissions. People seem to get confused on how it's organized so I am going to try and make it easier for everyone. The current vision I have for how I'm going to do it is going to take a while to create. I want to have a little diversity of Pony OCs so if anyone wants to volunteer their OC for me to draw comment with a reference. These drawings will be free for now. I am going to need at least 28 OCs. If anyone has any ideas they want to toss in feel free to comment.

    . keep it G rated (no Gore)
    . only do pony OCs
    . no difficult accessories like armor
    · No ponies made with pony creator or other doll making games
    . No mane 6 recolors (don't be lazy, be creative with your OCs)
    . no Alicorns or tall ponies
    . I have the right to turn down OCs if necessary
    . Make sure the manes on your OCs are organized
    . Artists who volunteer their OC will be featured when the revision is finished
    . I won't draw the same OC more than once however I will draw multiple OC's for the same deviant as long as they are different characters
    . I might not draw the OCs in order displayed
    . Don't ask for additional details on your OC or it will count as a commission

    Get more information here!

    CinemaQuestria Weekday Events: Viewer-Pick Movie Night - Wed, June 10th @ 7p EDT: "Summer Wars" & "Brave"

    CinemaQuestria's viewers have voted, and the winners for this week's Viewer-Pick Movie Night have been announced.

    Join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 7p EDT as we show "Summer Wars" and Pixar's "Brave"!

    We will also be having a special presentation of Pokémon 3: The Movie at 5p EDT.

    In addition, our system has automatically nominated 7 movies from our viewer submissions for our June 17th event! Voting for these movies is open until Tuesday, June 9th at Noon EDT. You can vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/gFvJk0KbAU

    The entire event will be available in HD & SD, and begins at 5p EDT. So, stop on by and enjoy two fantastic movies!

    The schedule is as follows, all times EDT:

    5p — Bonus Movie: Pokémon 3: The Movie
    7p — June 24th movie night nominees announced. Voting opens.
    7:15p — Summer Wars
    9:08p — June 17th movie night winners announced!
    9:25p — Brave

    If you have any movies that you'd like to see on a future Viewer-Pick Movie Night, you can submit them into our nominee system here: http://j.mp/CQsubmitmovie

    You can find us at http://www.CinemaQuestria.com —> Then just click on the “stream” tab up top. Follow us on Twitter @CinemaQuestria to be notified of streams!

    Hope to see you Wednesday night!

    React Reminder: Slice of Life (100th Episode)

    The season-spanning project continues! As always, submit your reactions to reactionsaremagic@gmail.com. Work on this compilation will begin RIGHT AFTER the deadline, so don't delay!

    New York City Meetup!

    New York, NY
    Upper West Side Party Space
    123 W 71st St New York, NY 10023
    Saturday, June 13th 1:00 - 11:00 pm

    Bronies-NYC Meetup Group Celebrates 100th Episode with a huge party! Special Guests: DJ YourEnigma, Artist JadedJynx

    The East Coast's largest Bronies group welcomes you all to our new event space on the Upper West side! Throughout the day we'll be hosting fanmade content screenings in our main projector area, live draws in the art corner, a video game corner, tabletop games, vendors, food, drinks, and a rave to top it all off! 3 DJs spin fan favorite dance tracks and MLP remixes, the dance party goes all evening. If you’re interested you might want to take a peak at the photo album from our last meetup here http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC/photos/26144131/

    Hope to see you there!

    NekoCrispy Patreon!

    NekoCrispy is a illustration artist who draws both fanart and original work, mostly pony and anthro.

    By pledging you can get early access to artwork, exclusive sketches, WIPs high resolution images and monthly commissions~

    For more information come check out my Patreon!


    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Your OC Sucks Episode 64

    The MBS Show Reviews: My Little Pony FIENDship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon

    On this weeks comic reviews, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill review the My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon. Join them to find out what they like and dislike about the comic.

    Breaking Ponies 03 - "Griffon in the River"

    Equestria Now #70 - Hundredth Horse Hype

    The pony show is very almost on it's 100th episode. A monuments occasion for any cartoon, but especially for one like My Little god damn Pony.

    I don't think anyone anywhere expected the show to last this long back in 2008 when production began, but here we are and before we witness the 100th episode extravaganza next week the Equestria Confidential crew chat about the last 99 episodes and how things have changed in the show and the fandom since the 10th of October 2010.

    TF2 Analysis: Suited for Subtlety

    How Can We Change the Bronalaysis Community?

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    June 8, 2011-2014

    2011 - Some ancient EqD silliness.

    2012 - Luna's Cutie Mark animation.

    2013 - Lauren Faust answers questions on PonyChan.

    2014 - Archie releases all of his old school music for free.

    Twitter: Calpain