• Who Exactly is The SMOOZE? Prepare For This Week's Episode With Some History!

    Lets give that season 5 spoiler tag thing a workout shall we? After a week long break and me running around desperately searching for pony things to post, we finally have what may potentially be one of the most insane episodes of the season. Discovery Family has been pretty much silent on this one so far outside of the teaser video from a while back

    In case you weren't aware, Make New Friends but Keep Discord will be bringing in a blast from the past in terms of villainy. The Smooze was a legend of the older generation of My Little Pony, going so far as to become the permanent name for tiny imperfections that sometimes dot the figurines from that era.

    So, what is he in terms of an in-show villain?  What terror did he bring to the citizens of G1? Head on down below to study up before the new episode on Saturday!

    The concept behind The Smooze was pretty simple. Take a giant pile of purple goo and give it sapience. Think Muk from pokemon, but with the uncanny ability to break into song. Don't let that silly exterior and cheerful music fool you though, this guy (or guys?) was surprisingly disturbing.

    Outside of having the single-minded goal of covering everything in... himself, The Smooze also had the ability to infect the ponies, removing their happiness and throwing them into an endless spiral of despair.As if suffocating them in piles of nasty purple jelly wasn't enough.

    G1 may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is no doubting that it had some incredibly sinister villains. Hell, we got Tirek out of it.

    Smoozy is right up there with him. When they called in what is essentially the oldschool version of those elements of harmony rainbow beams that used to end all the season one and two villains, he simply shrugged it off. 

    So how did they stop The Smooze from covering everyone in his depression goo? That's where things turned a little bit... G1. A semi-warrior race known as the flutterponies was called in to literally blow him away with their wing power. Kind of an anti-climactic way to win against something that was so powerful. I guess we did get Cadance and Shining Armor hugging the changeling invasion away though, so sometimes these cartoons need to take a shortcut I suppose?

    So how will The Smooze fair against our slightly more powerful g4 ponies? Will Twilight sparkle simply fly him over to the nearest lava lake and deposit away? According to some of the earlier Twitter messages about this upcoming episode, Smooze is going to be pretty different from his G1 counterpart. We may see this episode solved without any combat at all. Plus Discord plays a pretty major role if the title is any indication.

    From what we have seen in the animatic, he appears to be pretty tame unlike his single-minded "cover everything" equivalent. I don't see an unhappy Pinkie Pie up their either, even with smooze goo all over. We will just have to wait and see! Saturday is going to be very interesting!

    You can get the synopsis for the episode over here.