• Music of the Day #493

    Celestia making the sun last EVEN LONGER. Go outside. I bet it's sunny out.

    Outside the USA.

    Get some music of the day below.

    [1] Source
    Astral Collider - AJ Young
    Dubstep / Trance

    [2] Source
    Famitracker Bits - This Day Aria (GBC-Style)

    [3] Source
    [SONG] Early Flight

    [4] Source
    Ode to Rarity - Crusader (MLP:FiM Fan Song)

    [5] Source
    General Mumble Feat. Wooden Toaster - She's a Pony (Brilliant Venture Remix)

    [6] Source
    Progressive Element - Fly like Pegasi

    [7] Source
    Flyghtning - I wish I were a pony again

    [8] Source
    Troubled Shoes (SONG)

    [9] Source
    Bronyance - The Gypsy Bard (8-Bit Cover)

    [10] Source
    Citric Acid - Already Awesome
    Indie Rock