• Next Promo Cards for Pony CCG in the mail - Over 3000 cards!

    News from over on Facebook is that over 3000 promo cards for My Little Pony CCG are in the mail! These are the first wave of Absolute Discord OP cards, which stands for Organized Play, meaning they're promo cards you get from playing the game at friendly local game shops. There are plans to have another wave of free promo cards that are sent directly to meetup groups, so keep your ears peeled for more news on that in the coming months.

    Up above is the exclusive reveal of Flutterguy and Apple Teeny, included in this set of promos and part of a cycle of the Mane Six under the influence of Poison Joke. And down below you can get an idea of what thousands of shiny, shiny promo cards looks like. That's a lot of foil!