• Fallout Equestria Radio Play - Episode 3

    The Fallout Equestria Radio play is airing tonight at 8pm EST, so you've got about 10 minutes to get all settled in to see tonight's episode guys! It'll last for about half an hour so not too long and not to short!

    Check on after the break for details on how to tune in and what to expect from tonight's episode!

    The Equestrian Broadcasting Company (EBC) Presents:
    "Fallout: Equestria" - The Radio Play (Season 1, Episode 3)

    Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack as Littlepip
    P1K as Watcher
    Adam "Scorch Mechanic" Hastings as the Narrator

    Also featuring the voice talents of:
    Dylan DeVol (ZombieLeaf)
    Dalken Starbyne
    Konrad McLeod
    "Metal Mary" Hamer
    Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover
    Kill Joy (Kyle Kohlmetz)
    RandomBro (RandomBr0ny / Isabella)

    With music by Warbalist and Pashoo
    Editing by Tristan, Lyonize, Cho'Angath, and Shane "TicTac" Wesbrook
    Art by Acesential and Pashoo
    And casting by Justin "Xlerb" Levens, MandaloreDash, Starryflame, Matt "MisterShoebox" Bunch, and Cole Petty
    Adapted for radio by RadioHooves and LD
    Based on the story "Fallout: Equestria" by Kkat.

    Where:  Ponyville FM (http://ponyvillefm.com/)
    When:   Sunday May 17th @ 7PM Central/8PM Eastern
    Length:  ~27min

    Twitter: Calpain