• "Make New Friends, But Keep Discord" Episode Followup

    Hear ye hear ye! The right and royal court of Equestria Daily is now open! The plan of today is to followup on the episode of the previous day.

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    So I know I wasn't the only one who was really hyped to hear another old G1 villain was coming back. Like Tirek, The Smooze was a big bad, back in the day. He had amazing vocal talents too.

    I love the dynamic of Fluttershy and Discord having tea together. It's a great bit of continuity to the last season ender. But I don't see any cucumber sandwiches. Discord has some great expressions this episode too. This is one of my faves. How about you guys? Which was your favourite expression?

     It's okay Spike, I'm afraid of M.A. Larson when he's story editor too.

    I love Spike's room, it feels like it fits him so perfectly. And I love his big boy bed too.

    Who says being the Elements isn't profitable? AJ and Dash are playtesting the new Elements of Harmony Cutie Mark Card game right now.

     AJ usually cries on the inside, sometimes she cries on Dash's tail.

    I love this because it really shows how Apple Bloom's relationship with AJ really is a lot like a mother to a daughter. They're still siblings, but this adds another little aspect to things that really makes their interactions interesting to see.

    Discord is playtesting "The Elements of Harmony: The Game Box". While putting "The Game" on the box has tested well in marketing, it may still need work.

    I have to admit I've not really kept up with the MGS series, so I don't know if this is still a part of the games or not.

    Pinkie, not that you aren't great, but I don't really want to be near you when you've eaten nothing but beans for three days.
    I have to admit, I love the idea that Discord loves getting into everyone's personal space, but when someone does it back to him, it makes him uncomfortable. The fact he doesn't immediately shove her away or poof away, I like to chalk up to him learning how to interact with the ponies. Like vanishing on your friends isn't polite. What do you guys think?

    All I could focus on here was how Discord's eyebrows change size depending on how he's viewed. Sometimes the left one is smaller and sometimes they're equal. Having a character like Discord must be great for the animators as he never has animation errors.

    Even Pinkie Pie is in awe at how huge this fourth wall joke is.

    When she shakes the screen you can actually hear noises from it. I love little audio details like that, they just make me fall in love with this show all over again.

    Finally we get to see Discord's domain! I dunno about you guys, but I love it. It perfectly fits Discord and I love the crazy animals flying about. Do you think it's connected to Equestria somehow? Or is it a place only Discord can get to?

     I kinda want a stuffed and mounted tree branch for my house.

    I love the inside of Discord's house. I sort of imagine that it used to be even more chaotic and his friendship with the main six has sort of normalized it a bit. The upside down doorframe looks nice though.

    This is how I believe real dustbunnies look. And nobody is allowed to disabuse me of the notion.

    I admit, I was totally expecting him to be redirtying the dishes as he washed them, but I was still kinda shocked when I was right.  I love the upside down bonsai tree in the background.

    Poor Parcel Post, he's just trying to do his job. Not his fault so much of Equestria is...odd. I wonder if he has a sort of postie sense that allows him to find such strange places when there's mail to be delivered.

    I tried to get a shot of the beastie that rescues him but it blends in so nicely to the background it was a wash.

    Look at this mug, how can you not adore him.

    Hmm...the emblem on that cane looks oddly familiar....

    Let's party folks! While Smoozeman shows off his new acrobatics, let's bow to the animators for this fantastic Dumb and Dumber tribute. Also, what do you guys think of the new Gala dresses, do you like the old ones better than the new ones?

    And Fluttershy officially moves into best face and the contest is shut down due to this probably never being topped.

    Poor Rarity, she thought maybe he was made of lime jello and she could defend herself by eating it. I kinda found myself wondering if Rarity was the only one slimed though. I guess The Smooze went for quantity over quality.


    Poor Rarity, not a stitch to her name. I love this because it immediately reminded me of the first Gala episode, with Rarity complaining Spike shouldn't be allowed to come in because they're not dressed.

    Aaand now we really get into the references. Digging the jacket and medallion there, but I feel like I've seen it before.

    The joke may be Jerry Seinfeld's, but this is all Genie action. And Genie is referencing Rodney Dangerfield. This is a real triple whammy reference.

    Jokes may come and go, but the Sledge-o-matic will always keep smashing melons.

    Here's Maud! I love her gala dress and she's smiling no less! How's that for a cameo.

    This kid just can't catch a break. If you rewatch the scene, before the Smooze oozes out, you'll hear an elevator ding. Keep in mind the original scene is a bit bloody.

    Now AJ's back to crying on the inside. And AB is either standing or swimming, I can't tell which. I like to imagine in the background, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are either swimming or having a Smooze fight.

    Maud demonstrating her amazing floating skills so Pinkie can practice her "O Sole Mios". I love how mellow Tree Hugger is. Nicole Oliver really has a knack for voicing calm characters.

    I have it on good authority (this tweet) That the puppet was crafted by Jayson Thiessen and is named Senior Huevos aka Mr Eggs.

    No matter what happens, Smooze loves ya. I love Discord's lesson here. The idea that kids might not realize that having multiple friends doesn't mean you're being abandoned. Kudos on Fluttershy for standing up to him too.

    Pinkie and The Smooze would be an awesome band name. I love the idea of her hanging out with The Smooze. I imagine the pair of them just goofing around, maybe pulling pranks with Dash.

    I wonder if The Smooze could teach Twilight a few moves.

    Welp, looks like my time is up. Overall I really enjoyed this episode, The Smooze was a riot and all the little cameos and nods were terrific. Celestia got to show off her troll side and Twilight didn't have a melt-down. All in all, a great success.

    What do you guys think? Did you like this ep, dislike it? Did you prefer the old Gala dresses, do you think G1 Smooze is better? Chat it up below.